Betting tips

Betting tips
When you are placing bets, even if you concentrate on just one sport, it is an almost impossible task to keep up to date with everything you need to know. From watching previous games to checking league tables, viewing stats, injury news and everything else, being a punter is time consuming.

For this reason, many people turn to betting tips, and they can be used in a number of different ways. Here we are going to explain why betting tips are a good idea, how to use them to improve your betting and what to look out for when choosing who to follow.

Why Follow a Betting Tip?

There are many reasons why people will follow tips, depending on how you view your own betting and what you need to put you in a position where you are placing a bet. Do you need assistance from start to finish, because you haven’t got time to watch, or do you have an opinion already, but want to back that up with someone else?
Betting tips

Here are some great reasons why people use tips.

  • To expand betting coverage, and place more wagers, some use betting tips for sports, leagues and competitions that they do not have time to watch
  • To bet on more varied betting markets, some people will place their own bets and then look for betting tips on other markets to add more bets to the event they are watching
  • To solidify an opinion on something if they have a betting selection in mind, but haven’t been able to conduct full research on it
  • To gauge second opinions about a game you are watching and betting on

Which Betting Tips are the Best?

Of course, when people are looking to find betting tips, they are looking for the best available tips on the market. But what is it that makes them the best?

Here we look at three key areas that you need to use when comparing the selections on offer.

Tipster Record

One of the most important aspects of choosing where to find your betting tips is the record that the tipster or site has. Do they have success, have they got a good following from punters who are backing their selections?

While not every bet will win, tipsters need to have a strong success record if they are to attract people, and if they can prove it, people will stay with them.

Well Researched

The quality of research does not always guarantee success, but when you see a tip that has been well researched, and has plenty of reasoning around it, you know that the tipster has done the hard work.

Yes, this may not always result in a winning pick. However, you need to see that work has been done and things have been researched thoroughly, rather than selections being made with little work.

Quality Reasoning

Following on from that, the reasoning for the selections needs to be strong, and show off knowledge. Tipsters that simply put ‘this team will win because they are the best team’ are unlikely to have enough knowledge to make a long term profit.

However, if you find a tipster that talks about recent games, past head to head records, injuries and suspensions changing the team, plus any other factors, then you know they have taken a long look at the game in question.

How to Use a Betting Tip?

If you have found a betting tip you like, then you can use this in many different ways.

  • Use the tip in full, and follow your new tipster
  • Add the tip to a selection you like to increase the odds
  • Combine your own thoughts with those of your tipster to come to a conclusion
  • Explore new sports or betting markets with tips

Are Free Betting Tips Good?

When you are looking for tips to follow, you will see that both paid and free betting tips are available. While the paid tipsters can charge for a reason, because they have built up a following or they have an extremely good record, that doesn’t mean that free tips are not just as good.

Sites that are looking to grow and expand their readers, and individual tipsters who are looking to build a following and brand, will often have free tips available. Some keep them free all the time, some have a mixture of free and paid tips and others will offer free tips first, before moving to paid tips.

If you find tips that look good and have fulfilled much of what we have spoken about on this page, then don’t be put off by the fact they are free. Great betting tips can be found for free and used to enhance and improve your betting across a number of different sports.