Nations League Betting Guide & Tips

Nations League: Although it does not have the importance of the World Cup or European Championships, it is still a keenly contested tournament.
Nations League Betting Guide & Tips
When it comes to international football, there is nothing worse than a friendly – a fixture that means very little to players and means even less to those who lend their support to national teams all over the world.

Thankfully though the boredom of friendlies has now been diminished thanks to UEFA and with their latest international brainchild coming in the shape of the Nations League, it has added a third competition for each of the 55 nations that sit under their governance.

A competition that sees the 55 outfits split into four tiers and with these tiers then being further dissected into mini leagues, promotion and relegation allows fluid movement in the same way as domestic competitions such as the Premier League or the Bundesliga do.

While it also allows nations such as Finland the opportunity to eventually mix it with the very best and although Markku Kanerva’s men are currently competing in the second level League B, they could soon be playing in the competition’s top tier.

That is if they can win the Group B3 that they are currently residing in and with the likes of Teemu Pukki and Joel Pohjanpalo on hand to score the goals, fixtures against the likes of England and Italy may not be all that far away.

Nations League Betting Guide & Tips
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Nations League season schedule

When it comes to the Nations League 2022 schedule, the bulk of the group games are contested in the month of June as the domestic club season comes to an end. However, the middle of the year only accounts for four of the six group games that the majority of the 55 nations will contest.

For those nations that are competing in a group of four teams, they will play four matches in the month June and two more in September. While for those who are only competing in a three-team group, their schedule is slightly less congested, as they play two less fixtures.

Whether it be four or six matches that any of the 55 Nations League entrants contest, it is topping their respective groups which is the most important act of all and for the quartet of countries that each win their League A groups, they will advance to the finals stage.

This all-important stage of the competition will eventually see one of four international teams go on to win the current edition of the Nations League and this phase of proceedings will be contested in June 2023.

While for nations such as Finland, they will be aiming to secure promotion to the league above and with no play-offs required, all 16 nations that are currently competing in League B will see their schedule come to an end in September.

While the story is a little different in League C and whereas like in League B above, the four respective winners will win promotion in September, it is a slightly altered format for the quartet that finish bottom of their groups.

Here the four nations will be paired together in two matches known as relegation playouts and with these being contested in March 2024, they will eventually offer up the replacements for who is promoted out of League D. 

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Top teams

When it comes to the top teams in the Nations League 2022, it is home to Europe’s very best and with the likes of Italy, England and Nations League 2021 winners France all competing in the top level of League A, they are joined by the likes of the Netherlands, Spain, and Germany at the pinnacle of the competition.

With that said, there as many as 16 nations that currently compete in League A and this means it is also home to the likes of Belgium, Wales and Croatia. Then again, when listing the top teams in the competition, it would be unfair to overlook the first ever nation to win the Nations League, as Cristiano Ronaldo led Portugal to glory in 2019. 

Top players and managers

With the Nations League being a competition that is open to all of UEFA’s current members, it is fair to say that all the biggest names in European football are on show and with Harry Kane, Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland all representing their respective international sides, goals are never far away.

Of course, the same can be said when Cristiano Ronaldo takes to the field and with the Manchester United star recently breaking the world record for most international goals scored, the Nations League offers him the opportunity to further add to his already impressive tally.

Then again, it is not all about the biggest names from a playing point of view, as the same can be said for managers also and with Roberto Mancini still at the helm of the Italian national side, he will look to build on the Azzurri’s European Championships success of last summer.

Success that saw the former Manchester City boss get the better of England manager Gareth Southgate and with the Three Lions still being led by a man who also steered his nation to a World Cup semi-final in 2018, his coaching talents should not be ignored either.

Add the likes of Luis Enrique and Louis Van Gaal into the mix and these two who previously shared a connection as player and manager of Barcelona respectively, are now leading Spain and the Netherlands into Nations League battle.

While although Wales may not be the biggest or best team in the latest edition of the Nations League, it would be wrong to overlook the talents of Gareth Bale and when he is firing on all cylinders, so are the Welsh Dragons.

Who will win …

With many asking just who will win the current edition of the Nations League, it is a question that is perhaps difficult to answer and the reason for this, is because the field is wide open within the confines of League A.

16 nations are currently competing at the top level of the competition and soon this will be whittled down to just four in the Nations League finals. While the four could come from any nation such as Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, England, or the Netherlands.

Which means for those who are looking to bet on the Nations League this season, there is still plenty of opportunities to find some value and for those place their wages early, it could lead to a considerable amount of profit at the end of the competition.

However, it is not just League A which generates all the interest and with the Finnish national team currently competing in League B, their supporters will be hoping that Joel Pohjanpalo and his fellow squad members can eventually secure promotion and the chance to win the trophy outright in 2024/25.