Premier League Betting Guide & Tips

Our guide to the English Premier League will explain all you need to know about one of the biggest football competitions in the world and also focus on some of Finland’s superstar players.

2021/22 English Premier League: The best league in the world and one that generates support from Manchester to Malaysia and Liverpool to Lagos.

Since the inception of the Premier League in 1992, English football has exploded in popularity and when you consider that it was already a competition keenly followed around the globe, Premier League betting has increased in volume over the past few decades.

None more so than in Finland and with two of the current national team plying their trade in the top tier of English football, Finnish focus will be intensified on the duo of Norwich’s Teemu Pukki and Brentford’s Marcus Forss.

Of course, it is not just these two players that get some attention and with some of Europe’s biggest clubs residing within England, it is also home to some of the best football that you will see across any sporting weekend.

Premier League season schedule

The Premier League consists of 20 clubs and those teams that are within the top division play each other in a double round robin format. This means that 38 Premier League fixtures are played per club (380 Premier League matches in total) and they are contested between August and May the following year.

However, there will be a small change to next season’s schedule, as we will witness the first ever World Cup in the winter and this means not only a slightly earlier start in July, but also a seven-week break between November and December.

Top teams

When it comes to the most dominant teams in the Premier League, you must look no further than the pair of Manchester City and Liverpool and with the coveted trophy being shared between these two clubs in recent times, they have had something of a duopoly on the competition.

However, they are not the only two giants within the confines of the Premier League and with Chelsea also managing to win the title in the past decade, the Stamford Bridge outfit are arguably English football’s third force right now.

Of course, the best clubs within the Premier League are better known as the ‘Big Six’ and the other members of this group comprise of Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham and with each of them more than capable of earning important victories, they are usually found towards the top of the table.

Top players and managers

When it comes to the best players within the Premier League, the African duo of Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane are lighting up the football stage, they have played a huge part in Liverpool’s recent success both in the Premier League and in cup competitions elsewhere.

Not only that, but the two forwards are coached by one of the very best in the world and with Jurgen Klopp acting as the mastermind from the technical area, the Anfield outfit are not a team to be taken lightly.
Then again, the same could be said about Manchester City and with Pep Guardiola at the helm, he has assembled a team of football robots over the past few years. Robots that can crush the opposition with nothing in the way of remorse.

Who will win …

When it comes to who will win the Premier League, the battle is usually between Manchester City and Liverpool and with these two sides pushing each other all the way, this season is shaping up to be another titanic title battle.

Of course, the English Premier League is also a competition that is offered four invites to the Champions League each year and this means the quest to finish third or fourth in the table, is just as intense as the title or relegation fights.

One that will likely see Chelsea scoop third and leave not only the rest of the ‘Big Six’ fighting over fourth but also the likes of West Ham and Wolves and this means, several clubs will suffer some form of disappointment.

However, that disappointment can be eased somewhat and with qualification to the Europa League and Europa Conference League on offer to those who finish between 5th and 7th in the Premier League, there are plenty of other European prizes up for grabs.

In addition to this, there are also three teams that are relegated each season and with both Norwich and Brentford currently trying to avoid the drop, their Finnish stars will have a task on the hands between now and the end of the season.